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Who is Rose Riot?

I grew up Brook Hewitt in a media savvy household. My dad and most of my immediate family were involved in television and film. I have had a camera ever since I can remember. Photography was never my hobby, it was a family given.

I got my start as a professional photographer shooting rock concerts for several publications. Being able to shoot live music was dream come true, but I’m a diverse person and I’m rarely satisfied doing just one thing so I set off on a journey to photograph ALL the things I love, events, families and children and yes, loud , crazy rock concerts!

I derive just a much satisfaction from photographing a baby as I do a drummer (insert drummer joke here, haha). I’m always looking for a clever, fun way to capture an expression or a moment in time.

When I’m not behind a camera, you can find me practicing yoga,visiting Disney World or teaching photography to kids with my other business Camera Class, Photography for Kids, hanging out with my drummer husband (that’s why I get to make drummer jokes) or “momming” my two teenagers. 

As far as the name Rose Riot (I get asked all the time), I was involved with Atlanta Roller Derby for several years. As roller derby tradition dictates, you are called by a “derby name.” My derby name was Rose Riot. That’s what everyone knew me as and it stuck. Rose Riot is perfect description of me and my work.
Rose: traditional and beautiful, Riot: let’s make some noise!

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